PH value

PH value

The pH of a medium is a very important, but also the most wrong factor. A plant transports the elements in water. It is therefore important that the elements can be connected to the water for optimum absorption by the plant. This depends on the pH value of the element. The best pH for each medium is therefore between 5.4 and 6.2.

For example, should the pH be too high, phosphorus, manganese and boron will be absorbed a lot less, resulting in long-term shortages of these elements and a burning of the leaf due to an abundance in the medium (because with every watering you stay but give and that accumulates).

taken up with the result of a quick shortage and then followed again with a burning of the leaves.

The pH must then be measured in the medium and not in the vessel or drainage water.

Measure pH. The best way to measure this in hydro or nft systems is by withdrawing some water from the medium with a syringe and then measuring it.

With soil and coco you measure with a special soil meter, but if you do not have it, take a wet sample from the pot half an hour after watering and push the pH meter in.
By squeezing the soil releases some moisture with which the meter can do an exchange so that you can see the exact pH value of soil or coco.

The pH depends on the buffer quality of the medium and the water (number of bicarbonate). If the buffer is full or just empty, the pH changes very quickly up or down.

Many problems with a too low pH can easily be solved by using. applying a new buffer. AZ grass lime (no grain version) or Plagron lime mearl is very suitable for this, but beware not too much because then the pH rises too high again.

Ph value chart