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A3- CALGREEN calcium nitrate

1L = 3333 litre nutrient water for plants
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Liquid Calcium Nitrate fertilizer

METROP CALGREEN is a concentrated liquid fast acting liquid calcium nitrate fertilizer for the Cell building of the plant, universally developed for cultivation in pots, the open soil and in hydroponic systems.

To give the plant its firmness, the plant has a high need for Nitrogen and Calcium.
METROP CALGREEN contains 3 different forms of Nitrogen and 22.5% Calcium.
With this the plant creates its sturdiness and resistance.

Due to the high soluble calcium nitrate content, Calgreen is also the best fertilizer for lawns. Lawns therefore remain more upright and can withstand drought better. As a liquid Calcium lawn fertilizer, CALGREEN also provides more natural sugars in the grass.

The present Boron in METROP CALGREEN ensures that the calcium nitrate building block is directly built into the plant cell walls.
Plants that fall over due to their weight will remain upright as a result. Leaves and fruit offer much greater resistance to fungi and bacteria.

Due to the high calcium nitrate content, METROP CALGREEN makes the fruit buds stronger, healthier, heavier and improves the taste.

CALGREEN contains many trace elements for the production of plant own phytonutrients, enzymes, hormones and vitamins.

CALGREEN together with METROP MR1 and METROP MR2 is the perfect npk fertilizer combination for hydroponics farming. 


N-Ca 15-22.5+TE


Metrop Calgreen is a high concentrate liquid calcium nitrate fertilizer.

- Max 100ml per 100L water - hydroponics/potting soil

- Max 3Litre per Ha - Agriculture

- Max 15ml per 5Litre water - homegarden foliar


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Do you want strong heavy flower buds? Calgreen will give you