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A1- Metrop MR1 Growth fertilizer

1L = 2000 litre nutrient water for plants
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High Phosphorus Growth fertilizer

METROP MR1 is a concentrated liquid fast acting growth fertilizer for the growth phase of the plant, universally developed for cultivation in pots, in the ground and in hydroponics farming systems.

To make the plant its own strong solar panels (leaves), the plant has a high need for different types of nitrogen and magnesium. METROP MR1 contains 2 different types of nitrogen and magnesium. This creates a strong vigor for the plant.

METROP MR1 is a npk high phosphorus fertilizer.

Plants in the growth phase have a high need for phosphorus because most of the phosphorus in a plant or tree is in the roots. To get a big strong plant you first have to let the roots grow big.
A fertilizer with a high phosphorus content in combination with a root stimulator will result in enormous root development. That is why Metrop MR1 is the best fertilizer for root growth.
Due to the high phosphorus content, MR1 makes your plant root stronger and healthier and is an ideal preparation for the flowering phase.

MR1 contains many trace elements for the production of plant-specific phytonutrients, enzymes, hormones and vitamins.
This vegetable fertilizer gives everything you grow the best taste and health.

MR1 together with METROP MR2 is the perfect balanced npk grow and flower fertilizer combination. Always use in hydroponics farming together with METROP CALGREEN.

NPK 10-40-20+TE


Metrop MR1 is a high concentrate growth fertilizer.

- Max 100ml per 100L water - Hydroponics/potting soil

- Max 3Litre per Ha - Agriculture

- Max 15ml per 5Litre water - Homegarden foliar


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Do you want a big plant? Metrop MR1 will give you