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A4- ROOT+ Root stimulator

1L = 1250 litre nutrient water for plants
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Plant and Root stimulator

METROP ROOT+ is a concentrated liquid fast acting Plant Root Stimulator for the growth phase of the plant, universally developed for cultivation in pots, the open ground and in hydroponics farming systems.

To give the plant a firm root base and trunk, a plant has a higher need for Phosphorus and other building blocks. However, the plant also needs builders to quickly bring the building blocks to their destination and to connect them with each other.
METROP ROOT+ plant root stimulant contains builders in the form of enzymes from 3 different Enzyme groups that accelerate this work.

Due to the high content of Oxidoreductase, Transferase and Ligase enzymes, METROP ROOT+ significantly accelerates the growth of a balanced root system and makes your plant root stronger and larger.

The basis of any large plant or tree is a large strong root system. 

METROP ROOT+ is the best root stimulator for plants and trees. Together with METROP MR1 plant growth fertilizer, ROOT+  makes your plants root system bigger, stronger and healthier.

Give ROOT+ in combination with a motherplant fertilizer and your motherplant will constant create hair roots for more nutrient absorption.  


Metrop Root+ is a concentrate plant and root stimulator. 

- Max 80ml per 100L water - Hydroponics/potting soil

- Max 2,5Litre per Ha - Agriculture

- Max 10ml per 5Litre water - Homegarden foliar


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The more hair roots, the more nutrients a root absorbs