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Metrop Fertilizers

Metrop concentrate liquid fertilizer

Metrop manufactures quality biomineral concentrate liquid fertilizer and plant health stimulators. The Metrop fertilizers contain NPK nutrient combinations that are unique and difficult to make.

The processes to make such NPK combination stable in a fertilizer is Metrop's secret. Metrop only releases a product if it is the best or as good as the best on the market.

All Metrop products are biodegradable, full of minerals and economical to use. How do you make your best crop with the best taste? By buying Metrop!

  • Agriculture and horticulture

    For the growth, flowering and fruit period, the NPK and micro-element balance are specially formulated for the highest and strongest possible crop yield.

    The best npk fertilizer for plant growth is a high Phosphorus fertilizer.

    The best npk fruit fertilizer is a high Potash fertilizer.

    The best calcium nitrate fertilizer is a liquid calcium nitrate fertilizer that will prevent the crops from falling over.

  • Additives

    With the correct application of these additives you give extra strength and protection to every crop. Total control in the hand without chemical toxins.

    Beautiful flowers you cultivate with a bloom booster.

    Pest control is easy when you strengthen the plant with narural plant growth nutrients and stimulants.

    The best plant cuttings you get when you keep the stress out.

  • Hydroponics farming

    The best quality fertilizer for every hydroponic system for a delicious taste of every end product. No more tasteless water balloon tomatoes and other vegetables with the Metrop nutrients line.

    Bring back the medicinal power in medicinal plants also with hydroponics farming.

    With the Metrop nutrient line hydroponic cultivation is very easy.

  • Grow outline's

    When growing for the first time it is important to draw up a good cultivation schedule. Due to our many years of experience we have prepared very good and reliable growing schemes for you.

    For the same products we have cultivation schedules for indoor Urban cultivation. Hydroponic farming schedules. Foliar cultivation schedules and professional horti cultivation schedules.

  • Experts in plant nutrition

    Years of testing and researching minerals and other elements on humans and plants results in a nutrition line that gives strength and health to the crop and to you who consume the crop.

    To give a plant its medicinal power, you should not only give a plant an npk fertilizer, but also mineral trace elements, plant root stimulator and a plant booster.

    If you eat the healthiest crops, you will be the healthiest person.

  • Sustainable

    The most effective and sustainable way of fertilizing is through the leaf and fruit. Concentrated liquid fertilizers are sustainable in use, storage and transport.

    All Metrop liquid products are concentrates and can be used as a foliar fertilizer.

    Stronger crops have a longer shelf life and are easier to process.

    Foliar fertilization is the most effective and economical way to fertilize a plant.

    Check the Metrop foliar blog.

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