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A5- AMINOXTREM Bloom booster

1L = 1150 litre nutrient water for plants
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Plant and Bloom booster

METROP AMINOXTREM is a concentrated liquid fast-acting plant and flowering stimulator for the growth and flowering phase of the plant, universally developed for cultivation in pots, the open ground and in hydroponics farming systems.

A Bloom booster you use to create a healthier stronger plant with more and bigger flower buds.

Plants have a lot to do with stress in the growth and flowering cycle.
Stress is, for example, caused by weather changes, transplanting, vermin, cold and pruning.
DNA in the plant cells is damaged as a result and goes off like a switch. This means that certain enzymes, hormones or phytonutrients are no longer produced by this cell.

Plant cuttings from motherplants are particularly subject to stress due to the factory production of cuttings.
Weed plants for example express this by giving leaves with only 3 fingers.

Amino acid helixxes repair and amplify plant DNA, but must be smaller than 1500DA before they can pass through a plant cell wall.

Due to the extremely small Amino Acid Helixes in the METROP AMINOXTREM of 700DA, the Amino Acid stimulates and repairs the plant cell DNA immediately within 7 hours.
You can quickly notice this with for example weed plants because the new leaves will quickly create more fingers.
Flowers, cut or not, stay with AMINOXTREM longer beautiful and alive.

The secret of the best beautiful flowers in many professional Dutch flower gardens is METROP AMINOXTREM.

AMINOXTREM makes every plant and flower healthier and stronger and gives it a longer life. AMINOXTREM together with METROP MR2 give the best plant flowering buds in your garden. 

AMINOXTREM together with METROP MAM, gives a high and stress-free production of cuttings from your motherplant.


Metrop AminoXtrem is a concentrate plant and bloom booster. 

- Max 90ml per 100L water - Hydroponics/potting soil

- Max 2,5Litre per Ha - Agriculture

- Max 10ml per 5Litre water - Homegarden foliar


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You want the maximum yield? Use Metrop AminoXtrem!