Growing plant

Growing plants

The most phosphorus in a plant or tree is in the root!

The higher the phosphorus level in a growth fertilizer, the bigger the root growth !

And the roots are the basis for a good harvest.


That is why Metrop made the MR1 liquid growth fertilizer. The Metrop MR1 contains a NPK 10-40-20 plus a lot of extra micro nutriënts and Magnesium.

In the Metrop MR1 growth fertilizer, the NPK and micro-element balance has been specially formulated to achieve the highest possible root growth from the plant.

Often cultivators use root stimulator for their growing plants. However a root stimulator will not do much work if not given at the same time with a npk fertilizer or a fertilizer low in phosphorus. 

Using Metrop MR1 in combination with Metrop Root+ plant root stimulator will bring big roots to the growing plant.

The raw materials in the Metrop MR1 liquid growth fertilizer are of a very high purity, making it possible to achieve a high NPK content without losing stability in the product.

The quality of the raw materials, if mixed correctly, ensures that they will never clog the barrel or the irrigation system. Once prepared with water, the EC will remain stable.

The micro elements are also added to a higher and purer degree, so that the plants have a faster and better photosynthesis. This improves the quality of the end product.

The MR1 assures the availability of sufficient phosphorus for explosive root growth. Also the MR1 assures the availability of sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis.


Metrop MR1 growth fertilizer


The metrop MR1 is a very high concentrated liquid growth fertilizer.

Maximum use is 100ml in a 100 litre water tank. That means you dont have to carry large bottles of fertilizers anymore.

A 1 litre liquid growth fertilizer from Metrop is the same as a 5 to 10 litre liquid fertilizer from most other brands.

Why you buy water if you can buy real concentrated liquid fertilizers ?

Metrop MR1 Grow fertilizer does not contain harmful colouring agents and is biological degradeble.

We recommend giving Metrop MR1 together with Metrop Root+ and Metrop Calgreen to get the maximum growth from a plant.