The new generation of plant fertilizers

The new generation of plant fertilizers

The new generation of highly concentrated liquid plant nutrition from Metrop biominerals can also rightly be called a new generation of plant nutrition. The Metrop biomineral plant nutrients are so strongly filled with NPKs and micro elements that the plant food looks like a green yogurt. The nutrition is so good that it is suitable for all mediums and Metrop also has different grow schedules for that.

The Metrop MR1 is the growth nutrient and is a 10-40-20 + micro elements. 40% Phosphor means large roots and the root is the base. Phosphor is the building block for the roots.
The Metrop MR2 is the bloom nutrient and is a 10-20-40 + micro elements. 40% Potassium means a gigantic bud !!
A basic rule is that anything that needs to be thickened give as much potassium as possible.
Only 10ml to 10 liters of water maximum is used with this nutrition.

Calcium is the 4th most important fertilizer for a plant. And much too little present in many regular plant nutrients.
Calcium is very important in the medium because it brings many nutrients within reach of the plants by displacing ions. In addition, Calcium promotes the decomposition of organic substances, which also makes many nourishing nutrients available. The yields of a crop will therefore increase sharply after adding Calcium. Calcium is also indispensable in the plant. It binds acids that would poison the plant body, including the oxalic acid and calcium, together with protein in a certain compound in the cell wall. Because Calcium Protein strengthens the plant cells with the help of Borium (vitamin B12), this results in a stronger plant with less chance of mold and rot and a heavier final yield. Metrop Calgreen is a unique biomineral product that contains Calcium Protein in a very high concentration together with Boron, Magnesium and other trace elements. An absolute weight-bringer. Only 4ml to 10 liters of water maximum is used with this nutrition.

To make such a strong plant food, one must use the highest quality raw materials. And you can taste that in the taste! The micro elements are also present in a high concentration because they are very important for various controls in the plant. To use is to see. And seeing is believing.

Metrop plant food is available in garden centers and hydroponic shops throughout Europe, Soviet countries and the USA and is the most highly concentrated liquid plant food in the world.