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B1- ENZYMES root protection

1L = 4000 litre nutrient water for plants
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Root Enzyme for cleaning soil

METROP ENZYMES is a concentrated liquid high-quality root enzyme product that helps to break down root and plant residues, universally developed for cultivation in pots, in the ground and in hydroponics farming systems.

Roots are constantly dying in a natural process of renewal. The enzymes for plants in METROP ENZYMES quickly convert the dead plant material into sugars and minerals.
Good aerobic bacteria take advantage of this and help absorb nutrients and protect the roots from bad anaerobic bacteria and fungi.

Due to the high content of Hydrolases and Lyases enzymes, METROP ENZYMES accelerates the breakdown of dead roots and plant materials, resulting in a better air/water ratio in the medium. The living roots get more oxygen and space, so they will develop better.

METROP ENZYMES are therefore used for intensive cultivation and for reuse of the soil, coco or rockwool medium.

Use ENZYMES together with METROP MAM will result in many years living motherplants. 



Metrop ENZYMES is a high concentrate root enzyme product.

- Max 25ml per 100L water daily - Hydroponics/potting soil

- Max 3Litre per Ha - Agriculture


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