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B2- GREENXTREM liquid seaweed fertilizer

1L = 2000 litre nutrient water for plants
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Liquid Seaweed fertilizer

METROP GREENXTREM is a concentrated solution of liquid seaweed extract for the growth and flowering phase of the plant, universally developed for cultivation in pots, the open ground and in hydroponics farming systems.

METROP GREENXTREM liquid seaweed fertilizer is produced from the Atlantic algae species Laminaria digitata. Laminaria digitata is very rich in iodine, alginates (for better absorption of nutrients), oligosaccharides and hormones.

This plant booster gives the plant a stronger resistance to cold and the plant is able to detoxify itself from, for example, agricultural poison and air pollution.

GREENXTREM liquid seaweed fertilizer also slows down the aging of plant cells and stimulates the plant's own crop defense substances.

METROP GREENXTREM plant booster stimulates the development of hair roots and new flower buds. This make the flower and fruit buds heavier than normal. Because the ripening of the fruit buds is also more gradual, this results in a more uniform and larger harvest.

GREENXTREM accelerates photosynthesis and thus increases the production of sugar in fruit buds. This makes the taste of flowers and fruits sweeter and the natural flavours will be produced in higher concentrations.

GREENXTREM plant booster together with METROP MR2, CALGREEN and AMINOXTREM will give you a record braking harvest.


Metrop GreenXtrem is a high concentrate plant booster.

- Max 30ml per 100L water - Hydroponics/potting soil

- Max 2Litre per Ha - Agriculture

- Max 5ml per 5Litre water - Homegarden foliar


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You want to create a bigger harvest? You need Metrop GreenXtrem!